Book Release – Dhatu-rupa Parichayah Book September 2018

Date : 9th Sep’18 Venue : Adarsh Bhavan , Malleswaram Description :  Vyoma Labs also had the opportunity to release this book on the same day by Smt. Ranganayaki at the SAmskrutotsava festival held at Adarsh Bhavan , Malleswaram.  

KSU – Workshop September 2018

Date : 10th Sep’18 Venue: Girinagar, Bangalore Description : A one day workshop on KSU project  was conducted by Sri.Viswanathan P for all employees of Vyoma  which covered all aspects of a product development such as Content creation , development etc. Standardisation, process for developing a story board, the entire product life cycle was discussed. [...]


Vyoma Labs conducted a free workshop for Sanskrit students at Seshadripuram college. It was based on sandhi  and was  approached in a creative way using animated tools.More than 35 students took part in the workshop. At the end of the workshop even non –Sanskrit students could split the letters in a word.


Vyoma Labs  took part  actively in the World Sanskrit Conference held at Vancouver, Canada. We were also one amongst  the exhibitors in the Conference. Our CEO, Viswanathan and Co-Founder, Venkatasubramanian also took part in the conference and presented a technical demo on  Sanskrit Language Labs. [...]

Vyoma Sanskrit Tour USA 2018

Sanskrit brothers  – Venkat and Viswanathan visited  different places in USA Miles Travelled, States Covered, Events Conducted, People directly impacted, Days in USA Days in Canada Volunteers signed up Click here to know more

Sri.Viswanathan P joined as new CEO of Vyoma Labs on May 2018.

On May 10, 2018 Viswanathan P joined as a new CEO of Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation. Viswanathan is a chartered account, business leader and had worked for top  most MNC companies like Hindustan Unilever Ltd,Shell , KPMG & Price Waterhouse Coopers. He is also an expert in Sanskrit with an Acharya  degree from RSVP, Tirupati [...]

Vyoma Labs participated in the Shankara Jayanthi programme at Bangalore, Vyalikaval

Vyoma Labs was invited to  take part in the Sri Shankaracharya Statue Inauguration held at malleshwaram  Havyaka Bhavan .

Visit of Tiruvisanalur Ramakrishna Bhagavathar April 2018

Brahmshri Tiruvisanalur Ramakrishna Bhagavathar visited our office on 25.04.2018.On the occasion,Ashtadhyayi second edition CD product was released by Bhagavathar and also presentation was given to Bhagavathar on various products.

Event at KANCHIPURAM April 2018

Vyoma Labs participated in the 3 day National Conference on Children’s Literature in Sanskrit conducted by Balasahitya Parishad jointly organised by SAFIC, Pondichery and SCSVM, Kanchipuram on 5th and 6th April 2018. Vyoma Labs presented a paper titled “Generating Interest in Children for Sanskrit Learning through e-activity and game based learning – An enabler for [...]

Event at head office of Vyoma Labs March 2018

Vyoma Labs in association with  Sanātana Dharma Samrakshana Parishad organized a 5 day Pārāyaṇam of Sundarakānḍam from Valmīki Rāmāyaṇam from 19.03.2018 to 25.03.2018. Upanyāsam was done on the last two days from  19th March 2018 to 25th March 2018