Newsletter - Issue 3 (June 2017)


संस्कृतसंस्कृतिहितेच्छुकाः! प्रणामाः।


Warm salutations from Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation.


With blessings of God, Gurus, elders and well-wishers; Vyoma Labs has successfully completed 5 years of Saṃskṛta sevā. Thank you for being a part of our passionate journey in spreading Sanskrit through technology.

Your support and prayers has made us achieve these historical landmarks.        


As we tread along the path of Saṃskṛta-Saṃskṛti-Saṃskāra we bring exciting updates through this third issue of Vyomavārtā.


In this issue :

1.         New Release On Popular Demand : Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder - 2

2.         New Release in Lecture Series : Science of Yogasūtras

3.         New Audio Product Release : Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ in 5 parts

4.         New Audio Product Release : Experience Ādikāvya - Rāmāyaṇaratnamālā

5.         New Release On Public Demand : Access our most popular e-products on Mobile

6.         Seven New Free Courses in

7.         Upcoming Release :

8.         Upcoming Release : Saptāḥ śloka saṅgrahaḥ

9.         Upcoming Release : Dhāturūpaparichayaḥ

10.      Upcoming Event : Saṃskṛtotsavaḥ


On Demand New Release : Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder - 2


varnamaala After the success of Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder -1, based on popularity and demand, Vyoma Labs presents self-paced multimedia product which is based on flash card learning.
It has 21 categories with 870+ words and synonyms. Meanings for words are given in English and Hindi.There are 80+ activities and 5 Innovative Brain Games.
With release of Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder - 2, we have completed "Beginners Learning Pack".



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  Beginner's Pack( Learn Sankrit-Level 1,Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder-1&2)






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New Release: Yogasūtraparichayaḥ


Level1 This invaluable course gives an introduction to the Yogasūtras of Patañjali. The ideas in the Yogasūtras are presented based on the Classical Sanskrit commentaries. Focus is on introducing the background of Yoga system of philosophy and the key concepts of Yogasūtras .


New Release: Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ in 5 parts


Level1The new Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ course divided into 5 levels helps you learn different noun forms in sanskrit. Knowledge of Śabdarūpās helps one to construct error free sentences in Sanskrit. Vyoma labs have divided 220+ sabdas into 5 levels to achieve graded learning of sabdas. The first level can be accessed free of cost!! .


New Release: Rāmāyaṇaratnamālā


samaasaA collection of treasured gems from the ocean of Vālmīkirāmāyaṇam which consists of dhyānaślokāh, Saṅkṣeparāmāyaṇam, Gāyatrīrāmāyaṇam, Ādityahṛudayam and maṅgalaślokāḥ
Uniqueness of this product is that there are 2 modes namely "Anūcāraṇam" i.e, Teacher student repition mode and "Pārāyaṇam" i.e, Learning and chanting mode.


New Release: Access our most popular e-products on Mobile App


samaasa"Learn Sanskrit-Level 1", "Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder - 1 & 2" are now accessible for learning on your mobile phones through Skoolbox App. These products are perfect package for intrested beginners who want to learn ON-THE-GO. Download the content on your device and learn offline - Anytime, Anywhere!!


Seven new free courses in


abhinavavaiyakaranah Taittirīya-upaniṣad is one of the ten major upaniṣads, belonging to the Kṛṣṇa-Yajurveda. It comprises of three chapters, Śikṣāvallī, Brahmānandavallī and Bhṛguvallī, which contain several philosophical discussions including upāsanā-s, Pan͂cakośas, analysis of God-Universe-Man, an inquiry into Brahmānanda, etc.
We thank Prof. B Mahadevan and the Practical Vedanta IIM Bangalore group for sharing this course with Sanskrit from Home learners.


Spoken Sanskrit course removes all misnomers and fears related to Sanskrit conversation and helps you in speaking Sanskrit confidently.Vyoma labs thanks Prof B.Mahadevan and the IIMB team for sharing this course videos in our portal.


Ṛgvedasūktāni - This is a set of 6 audio lectures in simple Samskrita, in which Dr. Jayaraman Mahadevan explains the meaning of six sūktas from the Ṛgveda, with insights from the sāyaṇabhāṣya. The sūktas covered in the course are – agnisūktam,viṣṇusūktam,indrasūktam, rudrasūktam, varuṇasūktam & puruṣasūktam. These suktas are prescribed in the syllabus of Samskrita MA in many universities as well.


Śuddhikaumudī - In this course, you will learn about the common mistakes that occur during speaking or writing Samskrita, and more importantly, learn the grammatical concepts and tips that will help you avoid such errors.



Kṛdantāḥ - This is the second course in our series on Language development.Krdantas are one of the most common type of words in Samskrta, found in almost every sentence. This course will help in exploring the number of types of Krdantas, and learn examples and usage of some of the important Krdantas.


Paramalaghumañjūṣā - This course is for the study of the text Paramalaghumañjūṣā of Nāgeśa Bhaṭṭa. This is one of the basic texts in the ārthika/dārśanika tradition of pāninīya vyākaraṇa, which gives an idea of all the key concepts like sphoṭa, śakti-lakṣaṇā-vyañjanā,  dhātvartha-ākhyātārtha-nipātārtha-nāmārtha, etc. This text is included in the syllabus of almost all universities which offer specialisation in Vyākaraṇaśāstra at the post-graduate level.


Taddhitāḥ - These webinars for the study of Taddhita section of Paninian Grammar are conducted by Shri. Neelesh Bodas. Basic familiarity with Ashtadhyayi would help the learner in learning Taddhita section of Sanskrit grammar in significant detail.



Upcoming Release: Enjoy Sanskrit learning through games


We would be launching a new game portal where-in sanskrit enthusiasts can play games, have fun and incidentally enhance & sharpen sanskrit knowledge.

Upcoming Releases : Saptāḥ śloka saṅgrahaḥ


As the name indicates, this product brings prayer into our daily routine. Spend 15 to 20 minutes of your time to listen & learn/chant impactful shlokas and stotras with accurate pronunciation and specific benefits. These shlokas help you worship dieties associated with days of the week. Also, basic import & meaning of the shlokas will be given through a book.

Upcoming Releases: Dhāturūpaparichayaḥ


The Dhāturūpaparichayaḥ product helps you learn different verb forms in sanskrit.This product complements with Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ in constructing error free sentences in Sanskrit.

Upcoming Event: Saṃskṛtotsavaḥ


We at VyomaLabs will be celebrating Saṃskṛtotsavaḥ, on August 5th and 6th 2017. Double our joy by celebrating with us. Stay tuned at for further information.

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